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College Planning for Costs While Preserving Your Retirement Nest Egg

College planning is an essential financial-planning strategy, as college costs are substantial enough to have the potential to compromise the parent’s retirement plans or produce burdensome debt for the college student. The costs can range from $100,000 for some local state-supported universities to $280,000 for many prestigious private schools. Most parents with pre-college age students range in age from 40 to 60 years old and most are concerned with how much college will cost. They are unsure of how much government aid they will receive. Some have set money aside in a 529 plan, state tax-free college bonds, or a prepaid tuition plan, but many have done little planning.

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The threat of a recession is on the minds of investors. Some traditional measures of the yield curve are inverted, and, in the past, those have preceded recessions. The link between an inverted yield curve and a recession has so dominated recent financial news that for some investors it’s no longer a matter of whether we get a recession, but how long until it starts.

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Do You have Long Term or Short Term Financial Goals?


I wanted to share this wonderful article from Dave Ramsey that was published January 17, 2018…

Whether you have long term financial goals or short term financial goals, this is valuable information.

Meeting with an investing professional for the first time can be overwhelming. It’s scary to take that first step, especially when you’re not exactly sure what to expect. But don’t let excuses keep you from making progress. 

Here are three common reasons folks put off partnering with an investing pro—and why none of them should stand in your way. 

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