10 Things You Must Know About Retiring to Florida

As you sit there mulling a retirement in the South, approximately 1,000 people are already on their way to Florida today with all their household belongings. Should you join them?

Like many baby boomers approaching retirement age and hunting for a warmer climate to call home in their golden years, I too am on the prowl for a new locale, though my target date is further down the road. My wife and I scouted cities and towns in Florida for a possible landing pad — so I have some skin in the game.

But Florida isn’t all about the beaches, Disney World and the massive retirement community known as The Villages. I interviewed experts and residents for tips on what you need to know about moving to Florida. So grab an OJ and dive on in. The water’s warm, but…complex.

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Tax Deduction Limitations


Tax Deduction Limitations of IRC Sec. 199A for Financial Professionals

Final regulations from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may impact the application of pass through income deductions for financial professionals. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is one of the most sweeping tax changes in 35 years. It provided major tax benefits for financial services businesses along with lower taxes for many individuals.

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Yes, profitable ranching is possible. Here are the essentials.


Here’s a roundup of thoughts, ideas and tips on how to make your ranch as profitable as possible.

You might ask, “Is profitable ranching possible?” Even though good economists and Extension educators have told me that few or none of the ranches in America with 100 cows or less are profitable, I want to tell you that ANY ranch, regardless of how many cows you have, can be. Let’s examine some of the fundamentals of profitable ranching.

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Debt Elimination for Ranchers & Farmers: Meet The Chapmans

chapmans portrait

In rural northwest South Dakota, a young couple has been carrying on family traditions since the early 1900’s.  One of the last homesteading runs of Pioneer settlers.  Beau Chapman and his wife, Kalin, of Perkins County South Dakota own and operate their family ranch.  They raise registered and commercial sheep.  Alongside Beau, Kalin helps out with secretarial duties on the ranch and is a fourth-generation educator at the school in a small community near the family homestead.  They are also raising two smart and active children under the age of 6 to balance out a very busy day-to-day lifestyle.

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Farm Succession Planning: Saving the Family Farm


The farm has been in your family for generations and it’s time to prepare for the next generation to take over; farm succession planning. Some of the kids may not be interested, and others may think the farm is their God-given right. But unless everyone knows where the farm is now, where it’s going and how it’s going to get there, nobody will be happy in the end.

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Spotlight: Farmer Stress and Depression


Farmers Under Pressure

At the university’s annual Farm Science Review in London, Ohio, experts lectured farmers on a series of gloomy topics, from low commodity prices to the raging trade war and razor-thin profitability margins.

So tucked in between sessions on swine influenza and farm estate planning was a very different type of talk titled “Getting Rid of Farm Stress.”

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